We develop customized business planning, management and performance tracking solutions for cannabis businesses to ensure their compliance, optimized operations, and maximized valuations.

get legit. stay legit.

Focus on what you love while we focus on the rest.


In the cannabis industry, the problem on every business owner’s mind is how to bank their cash to pay for both operations and employees like any normal business, without excessive fees. 

Growthport™ can help.


Is your cannabis business using best practices at every stage, optimizing time and resources to achieve the highest levels of success? Have you streamlined and standardized processes surrounding safety, security, cost control, customer satisfaction, and scalability?

Growthport™ can help.


Employee turnover is a big challenge in the cannabis industry. How can you be sure you’re hiring the right people? How do you retain the good ones? How do you lower your exposure to employer liability?

Growthport™ can help.


Tired of searching for solutions to manage the many moving parts of your cannabis business?
We are happy to say: the search is over. Growthport™ is here for you. Our comprehensive service
offerings aim to detect, alleviate and prevent the pain points of your business while optimizing the rest.

Let’s identify and remediate what’s holding you back, together.

The Growthportal ™

Keep your business connected and operationally efficient with a centralized portal that gives you the all resources so you can focus on building and growing your business.

  • Data Warehouse – Business Intelligence Analytics Engine
  • Providing Growthport “Get Legit” Clients and Partner’s with a stand-alone
    competitive advantage
  • Growthport’s future-proof, proprietary AI predictive analytics models and algorithms, Collect and Analyze data from hundreds of sources
  • Providing Powerful, Actionable, Experience Intelligence and Insight
  • Purposefully Designed to fast-track Optimal Performance
  • Circle 420TM platform keeps you connected with industry professionals.



Whether a potential cannabis client or a bank partner, you’re in the right place.


Are you drowning in regulatory red tape, unable to get a handle on operations, or find or keep good people?

Call us today – we can help.

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A match made in heaven. As our world evolves, so must our relations.

Contact us today to discover how our programs can alleviate the pain points of banking cannabis.

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One Dashboard to Replace All

Unified View of All Operations
Single Source of Real-Time Data & Reporting
Metrc & Platform Agnostic Integrations
License Protection Tracking
Turnkey Banking Compliance Certification
License Compliance Assessment, Remediation & Monitoring
Financial Management Tools & Resources
Operational Tools & Resources
Management Controls Resources
Process Automation & Monitoring
Human Resource Management
Community Exchange
Employee Training
Fleet Management
Content Storage & Management
Predictive Analytics
AI Assisted Processes
Voice Recognition Form Fill
Data Recognition & Form Field Pre-population